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Vicious Heat Problem with NV52L15u

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    Vicious Heat Problem with NV52L15u

    Hello all. I have a Gateway NV52L15u laptop with AMD Quad-Core Processor A8-4500M. I mainly use it for PC gaming, and have had major problems with overheating on even the lowest graphical settings. Running even basic games like Borderlands 2 blows boiling hot air out the vent on my PC before it eventually shuts itself off. Is this just an internal problem maybe? Is there maybe a way to boost the fan speed?

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    oh my.. the heat problem..

    laptops are terrible with heat. so all you can really do is look for a fan program to control your fan (god i hope gateway doesn't hardlock your fan control like Lenovo does)

    1. start google and look for "fan control"

    try these

    Open Hardware Monitor - Core temp, fan speed and voltages in a free software gadget

    SpeedFan - Access temperature sensor in your computer

    so start looking for a good "fan control program" that works with windows 8 and your gateway laptop..

    then you may want to start looking up "undervolting" for your amd cpu...
    -this one will be difficult as i think amd cpu may be a bit more Un-stable than intel..- but i could be wrong..

    then, if you have money to waste or spare, only then buy a laptop cooler.. you must cool the system from the internal first.. then deal with external..

    i dont know why the first thing people recommend is external fixing.. fix the type of coal going into the furnace before you fix the furnace!

    anyway if you still really really want to go down this road put a message back here and ill start you going down the really crappy road of putting on new thermal paste and etc.. but you might as well just buy a new laptop because you need a gaming laptop, not a gateway..
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    Have you tried opening the laptop and clean the fans and heat sink using compressed air?

    Over time fans and heat sink collect dust, decreasing the cooling of your laptop which results to overheating when CPU is stressed.
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    For laptops known for having heating problems during gaming or high-use, external solution is the only way to go. My older Acer was like that. My new Acer is not like that. Now, because they are expensive, I purchased from Altex $80 giant laptop cooling assembly which also came with 4 USB ports. And, to protect the proc area, I have a Walmart 5" ac-fan aimed at the proc area. It doesn't matter anymore to me what should be, what ought to be, etc. -- what matters now, is that with my normal usage, my laptops are given the best external cooling for a reasonable price.
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    Are laptop coolers actually effective? My laptop is really noisy.. I'm considering buying one..
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    If you have overclocked your CPU, that is a big no no on a laptop because of the heat generated and can damage your components.
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    It's not exactly a good gaming laptop to begin with, even at low settings for newer games. Sorry, being honest.
    Sometimes the thermal paste is not applied right straight from the factory. If it is getting hot frquently it can make things worse by cooking and drying out the paste.
    The hottest I've seen mine get when playing a fairly demanding game is ~85C.
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    It seems the CPU has a nominal clockspeed of 1.9GHz and can turbo to 2.8GHz. Perhaps disabling turbo might help.
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    Laptop cooling pads are essential even when you aren't using them for gaming for lifespan reasons. They are incredibly effective and worth the price- my old Compaq Vista laptop I gave to my sister will be six years old in a few months and its used a cooling pad for most of its life when I was trying to play games far beyond it. An old HP laptop had an AMD processor and it helped keep it more or less stable.
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    laptop cooling pads are not "essential" whatsoever..

    they are not bad. ok so get this straight before you think i'm totally destroying laptop-coolers..

    Laptop coolers are great for cooling the BOTTOM of the laptop.. they do not touch or get anywhere even near the cpu or gpu or even heatsink which is what truly dissipates heat from the laptop fellas.. so try to understand this way if you are still having trouble:
    -imagine a fire inside a house.. will putting a fan on the outside of a house blowing cool air on the walls outside help cool the fire inside the walls??

    now having said that, you need to under-volt and ramp the speed of the fan "inside" the laptop to the max..(through fan control programs) also the thermal paste could be bad on your laptop.. as it usually is and you would need to repaste it..( it is not fun though... so forget that option unless it's very easy to open and see everything in your laptop)

    these are what real gamers do and hardcore tweakers..

    you absolutely can get a laptop cooler, and now your lap won't feel so much heat.. oh but that game you are trying to play, well..your cpu/gpu still is going to be too hot..

    so please understand about laptop coolers.. yes they are good for extra usbs and to cool the exterior wall of your laptop.. but understand you need to dissipate the heat from the inside!!!

    i've had this conversation on many forums and with many people and the answer lies in the rog forums if you need the proof..

    this topic is a bit sensitive for me so sorry but i don't understand why people don't understand the properties of heat!
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Vicious Heat Problem with NV52L15u
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