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How to save the oldest existing system restore point?

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    How to save the oldest existing system restore point?

    Hi, guys, this is my first post here, I just discoverer this forum

    I bought a new 240gb ssd lately and i installed windows 8.1 on it and I wanted this time to create a system image to eventually restore my windows at that point. But I forgot to do it and installed a lot of programs that I would not like to have installed if I had to restore windows. The thing is that when I go to system restore i can see there is 2 restore points.

    So I would like to know if there is a way to create a system image from an existing(oldest) restore point without actually having to restore to that point.

    I made researches on google but I only found ways to delete (all or just keeping the last) or change the space allocated to system restore points.
    I also found this
    System Image - Create in Windows 8
    Can I do the same like in this post and change a folder name to copy-1?
    the thing is that I could not even find something about the location of system restore points in the actual drive ...

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    Hello djamailjo, and welcome to Eight Forums.

    I'm afraid not.

    When you create a system image, it will be of the current state of your system.

    You'll either need to uninstall the programs, or use a restore point dated before you installed them to undo them.

    If they are programs that you usually install and use anyways, then it would be more convenient for you to have them included in the system image to avoid having to reinstall and set them up again though.
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    To conserve disk space a restore point contains only specific file types and portions of the registry that have changed since the previous restore point. It does not contain nearly enough information to create an image.

    Restore points are stored in the "System Volume Information" folder of the protected drive. By default even an elevated Admin account does not have access to this folder and that is why it shows as empty. By default this folder is hidden and visible only if hidden files are configured to be visible. Direct access to this folder is for experts only.
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    Too bad than :/ I know I could create a system image right now, restore windows to that oldest restore point, create a system image of that specific state and than restore windows using the first image but that's too much of a pain especially when I know I'm going to install windows 10 in not so long. I also asked by curiosity, I thought there might be a way maybe using some commands in cmd but anyway I'll try not to forget to do it at the right time when I'll upgrade to windows 10 :P thanks guys for your reply
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How to save the oldest existing system restore point?
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