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What makes your cpu and disk % go really high?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tim87 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by David Bailey View Post
    If I put it on manual will I have to manually check for windows updates? Also, where do I go to look at the info in that picture?
    Yes, manually.

    You look in Services by typing services.msc into Run.
    Scroll down to Windows Update.
    They are listed in alphabetical order.
    Couldn't I just change the settings in windows update under system and security to "never check for updates"? wouldn't that be the same thing as putting it on manual?
    Sounds logical.

    You can do or undo either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tim87 View Post
    I've had high cpu and disk % all morning long, I literally just looked at my task manager again while typing this and their back to normal. How do I fix this so everything stays at a good level?
    I never have these problems if I choice MBR partition scheme for UEFI computer in Rufus to create bootable USB flash driver.

    Of course , my bios's still UEFI and GPT . Try it , I think u can fix disk and CPU 100% when window start
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    You just go to Control Panel > Windows Update and change the Important updates settings to 'Check for updates but let me choose whether to download and install them'

    That ensures you get the opportunity to hide updates. For example on this Laptop those hidden updates are Hardware drivers not approved for this Laptop, and the pointless EU induced Browser Choice.

    The Windows 8.1 Task Manager enables you to sort the columns by the usual clicking the header of a column so sorting and colour coding those which take a lot of processor time.
    Then you look up what these refer to and then go to the Application concerned and change settings.

    In the vast majority of cases it is just one of configuring an Application option of some kind.

    Windows updates do take sometime and it can be annoying to have them start up when working, thus personally I prefer to do those at my choice of time, and potential troublesome ones temporarily isolated.

    Also Control Panel > Action Centre > Maintenance > View Reliability history can be used to further suss problems.
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    I changed the windows update setting to "never check for updates" and it fixed the problem I was having with windows modules installer.
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    Glad you got it fixed.
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    uh tim,

    thats good you fixed it. delayed the real issue. but you still shouldn't have had that.. so it's not truly fixed from the ground up.. you still have a problem in the root.. and if you have had dental work you know what i mean.. you dont' want a problem in your root as it will cause major issues later..

    so yeah, go on with your service disabled.. but when microsoft changes something that needs that.. well, your little temporary fix just got up-rooted..

    did you run sfc /scannow and start doing the dsim commands?

    i mean there are a thousand other users here now on this forum that don't have module service disabled and we aren't getting "high cpu" problems etc..
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    Well, windows modules installer worker popped up again
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What makes your cpu and disk % go really high?
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