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Any hidden benefit in power plans ?

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    Any hidden benefit in power plans ?

    If the same settings are kept in both Balanced and Power Saver, are there any differences if I change the plan ?

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    Your system will run cooler with Power Saver plan than Balanced plan and may result in few minutes extra battery life.
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    Do you know why ?
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    Lower voltage produce less heat and saves battery power.
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    I mean why is there a difference even when the settings are the same in both power plan ?
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    No difference in that case. If you change the default plans to have the same settings (including the advanced settings) then the results will be the same. They are only templates for standard use. You could copy the balanced plan and call it Friday and it would also act the same.

    I copy the balanced plan and call it never off and only change the sleep settings to never sleep - it just makes it easier to remember what it is for.
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    I will tell you this,

    changing between the "balanced" and "high performance" settings in advanced power does change things drastically..

    the "high performance" plan makes your cpu run at full speed 24-7.. so remember that if worried about heat/etc..

    "balanced" allows your cpu to slow down and go whatever speed it wants to whenever...

    so remember only set to "high performance for gaming/editing etc..
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Any hidden benefit in power plans ?
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