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Low memory warning with plenty of free RAM left

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    Windows will always use RAM over the paging file, but some applications require a paging file no matter how much RAM you have installed. I would turn on the paging file to see if it stops the low memory error afterwards.

    While it's recommended to have the paging file set to be managed by the system, if it uses to much of your hard drive's space, then you could reduce the size of the paging file some. If you get the low memory error after reducing the size, then it just means that you need to increase the size until you don't.

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    Don't know if the same issue but I would get this warning with some older games until running them in compatibility mode (Vista or 7) then the warning went away.
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    I'm using: Download MemInfo - MajorGeeks for few years now to keep track of RAM. It's small and can be accessed from taskbar at any time without opening cumbersome Performance info. Can defrag memory too.
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    I would not recommend the use of cleanmem or any such products, free or otherwise. I consider them worse than useless.

    Malware could be responsible. Unfortunately you can't rely on your AV product to always detect this.

    Edit: All claims of defraging memory are completely bogus. Defragging of RAM (even if possible) has no benefits to applications. Defragging of a process private address space is impossible for any third party software.

    I have nothing good to say about any software that claims to improve Windows memory management. What faults there are cannot be corrected by third party software.
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Low memory warning with plenty of free RAM left
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