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Size of single system restore point in win 8.1 increases

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    Size of single system restore point in win 8.1 increases

    I have been having assorted volsnap and VSS errors for a long time and Windows wipes out my system restore points. I now think this results from the single restore point (we are not talking several restore points here exceeding the set limit) constantly increases in size from a hundred Mb till it fills up the allocated space (current size 5.6 Gb with a total allocated of 10 Gb). If I make the space unlimited, it fills up the C drive. Any ideas what can cause this and what to do about it? - I could understand it if it were extra points being created by disk activity, e.g. with Diskeeper or Acronis Non-stop Backup, but it isn't

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    I had some exasperating VSS problems quite a while ago, I found the linked page useful. The symptom of my problem was that a backup program could not create a shadow copy. I used repair strategy 2, delete all shadows. I found no errors, once all the shadows were deleted it started working and has been fine for a year or so.

    WARNING - Deleting all shadows will delete ALL SAVED RESTORE POINTS, so be aware! The linked page is meant to be applied to a server environment so not all suggestions make sense on a client machine.

    SafeBackup FAQ - Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) Troubleshooting
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    Hi mikeytg
    Thanks for the reply, but I've tried those methods before. I no longer think I've one of those problems- instead I have this weird system restore point that constantly increases every time I delete it and generate another
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Size of single system restore point in win 8.1 increases
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