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New laptop running on a manually-installed SSD is buggy

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    I've update the drivers, I've run a range of tests on the SSD (it appears to absolutely fine), I have Googled around for hours. The laptop is still not performing as it should be and it's quite odd really.

    My current thought is that my system is geared towards Windows 64 bit, but for some reason I have installed 32 bit and there is no obvious way to revert that as I can't seem to get system reset to work. I think that this is causing the problems.
    So, which exact version of Win do you have ? I don't think there is too much of speed difference between 32 and 64 bit. But.... 32bit can access just about 3 GB of ram.
    Also... as reference to some comments above, an SSD is so much faster than HDD that difference between fastest and slowest SSD is almost imperceptible by naked eye. If it's running right that is. Did you change SATA to AHCI mode and made sure that windows recognizes it as SSD and Trim is on and auto defrag off ? Those things are a must for it's proper operation.
    Click image for larger version

    That is a screenshot of my system specifications. Windows definitely recognises it as an SSD, I'm not sure about auto defrag or Trim- will check those now.

    *to add to that, I am running Windows 8.1

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    So, you do have 64 bit windows.
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    Yup. And it appears that for some reason 32-bit is installed on the SSD.

    I just noticed something interesting. I went to UEFI firmware settings and saw that it refers to my SSD as a Hard Disk- does this mean that it has not recognised it as an SSD? If yes, how can I change that?
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    Try to open disk defragment and see if the drive is recognized as SSD. My eMMC hard drive on my tablet is seen as SSD by disk defragment.
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    => I believe that the reason my laptop is not performing as expected is because the wrong version of Windows is installed, so I would like to reset it and install 64 bit.
    I have both 32-bit and 64-bit OSs installed in my desktop, running a 64-bit processor, and they both work without problems.

    Having a 32-bit OS installed in a machine with a 64-bit processor is not the "wrong version" -- especially if you have 4GB of system memory or less. I had only 4GB in my desktop, so I opted to install the 32-bit version.
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    are you still having problems? did you clean reinstall ??

    you do have to slowly go through the bios and look up all commands.. you have to make sure windows sees your drive as SSD.. you have to update drivers and the firmware of your SSD.. you have to then benchmark (crystaldiskmark) (AS SSD)

    may even look into a program called Auslogics Boostspeed..
    otherwise, whats still the problem..
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New laptop running on a manually-installed SSD is buggy
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