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Laptop Very Slow Since Bought, have no Idea Why...

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    Laptop Very Slow Since Bought, have no Idea Why...

    This is a separate issue from the thread I created recently. I bought my current laptop back near the end of August. Since the first day itself it has been very slow at times. Performing as if it were already 2 years old. Especially when using applications like Firefox or Adobe Reader XI. Typing especially seems to lag behind, moreso immedietly after I start the application. Other things that lag include page loading and scroll lag.

    At first I thought maybe it was just a lot of crapware. But I've uninstalled all of it, including the metro apps I don't need. I've always ran Disk Defrag, Disk Cleanup, CCleaner. Removed unnessesary programs from startup/Add remove programs, ran SFC scans, installed all important Windows Updates, ran virus scans. But it still lags.

    I have no idea why it does this and what to do to fix this.

    The system specs are HP laptop with Windows 8.1, 8 GB RAM, Intel Pentium CPU N3530 2.16 GHz

    Any help would be much appreciated, I will try my best to add more information if needed. Thanks.

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    This probably isnt' the "best" solution but do you feel like doing a "clean" install and starting over? Also have a SSD Hard drive..

    anytime my computer feels slow or crappy.. i totally wipe it (all my stuff is on external harddrives anyway, i just have to transfer my bookmarks in firefox etc.. )

    I had a Lenovo totally pre-installed with all kinds of crap.. and I just downloaded the windows 8 core dvd and installed it through USB..

    I also am about to totally wipe it again in a few days as I just downloaded the new build of windows 8.1 core with updates (November version)

    i know this solution sucks to keep reinstalling windows but in my experience, thats all i've ever seen really get rid of anything that could be causing issues.. (old drivers, junk. etc..)

    then after you do a totally clean fresh install just do a system image through windows itself or Acronis, other image programs..
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    Running task manager and resource monitor may pinpoint what is slowing down the compter.
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    Perform a Clean Boot then add the services back one by one, you may find the one that is slowing down the computer.
    Troubleshoot Problem with Clean Boot in Windows 8

    What anti virus program are you using? You mighty consider uninstalling it using whatever removal is available by the software vendor. Norton and McAfee are the worst offenders.
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Laptop Very Slow Since Bought, have no Idea Why...
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