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Recurring Hard Disk Errors

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    Recurring Hard Disk Errors

    I built this pc back in september 2013 and had no issues until about 2 weeks ago (11/15/2014). I had a 128gb SSD with my OS installed and a 1TB WD Blue for everything else. All of a sudden i got the windows message "windows has detected a hard disk error. Please back up" yada yada yada. I chatted with a microsoft rep and let them remote access into my pc and they suggested doing a clean install or upgrade install to take care of the situation. Before I could get to that, while I alt tabbed out of WoW back into windows my computer froze, and after restarting it would go to the BIOS menu for my ASRock motherboard and then instruct me to put install a boot drive thingy (sorry, not the most pc savvy).

    So I did a fresh windows install on my 1TB WD blue HDD, and everything was running smooth for about a week, and then I got the same pop up message. This time it let me try to repair the drive, prompted a restart that showed it working on repairing the drive, and got back to operating normal. However, a day later I got the message again. When i right click on the drive > properties > tools > error checking it finds no errors. I downloaded the WD diagnostics program and ran a quick scan, no errors found. When I ran the full scan, my pc restarted towards the end of it and i never was able to see those results.
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    Sometimes, like now, my system is running wonderfully. But the other day it idled for a few hours and when I came back it was froze up. I hit the reset button, and after a long time of trying to load windows it went to a blank screen, flashed a BSOD for a half second, restarted on its own, and was working fine. Sometimes restarting takes forever and gets stuck, then hitting the restart button does the trick.

    My friend mentioned checking the PSU, so i ran an utilities program that came with my mobo
    Click image for larger version

    i'm not sure how to interpret it, any help would be great.

    also, my pc is not recognizing that SSD that failed on me, i disconnected/reconnected the connections, and went into device management and all that jazz.

    tl;dr is it just incredibly bad luck to have 2 drives from 2 different manufacturers crap out on me within 2 weeks, or is something else going on?

    thanks for any help!
    -cody b

    *update* I've had 2 BSOD crashes, both followed by my system successfully restarting. the codes:
    1st was "DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL (iaStorA.sys)
    I've since updated my INF and video card drivers, restarted my system with no problems. But I don't feel safe at all.
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    Everything looks OK as temps are concerned but is that under load or at idle ?
    One thing though, if it's reported right, CPU voltage is way too high, standard voltage for that processor is 1.075 - 1.25v ARK | Intel® Core?2 Duo Processor T5470 (2M Cache, 1.60 GHz, 800 MHz FSB)
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    I would say it was under low stress, just browsing the Internet looking for solutions. My processor is an i5 4570 3.2ghz, what you linked was different. But for all I know the volt range is the same. Thanks for your reply
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Recurring Hard Disk Errors
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