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Best way to backup my files??....have a 32gb usb stick

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    Best way to backup my files??....have a 32gb usb stick

    I am not much of a computer wiz, but...we homeschool and therefore a lot of files are saved. I am wondering what the best way to backup my files is!? what involvement does sky drive have in this? I purchased a 32GB usb flash drive and am nervous to plug it in not knowing what I am doing...I read a post through norton search about a file history tool available with windows 8( Introducing Windows 8.1: How to Backup Data with File History ) but you cant choose which files. I don't know if I need to make new libraries, and it seems to just continue to make copies and fill the stick..I think, just from reading it. Is there a backup option on windows 8 in itself, and will this truly save our school files if our OS crashes? I do have norton so I trust I wont lose files, but...I want to be sure Thanks....

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    I use SyncBackSe to make backup's of my important "DATA" files only. It runs on a nightly schedule and will only update/copy newer files and or files that have changed. Now, whether or not your 32GB usb stick has enough room for all of your data is a different story altogether. It works great for me and I backup lots of data...

    Here is a link to the software that I use: SyncBackSE easy-to-use backup and file synchronization software

    Hope this helps.
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    Something like SyncBack might be useful, depending on how organized those files are. The select files and folders on the PC would be matched by the USB stick.

    But if you are more interested in periodic backups, with several in succession stored on the USB stick while the oldest gets erased, that may require a different tool.
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Best way to backup my files??....have a 32gb usb stick
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