I have a minimal W8.1 system with three physical hard drives. C: is the boot drive (120GB SSD), D: is my "Data" drive (120GB SSD) and E: is my "Backup" drive (300GB Raptor). I have the system set up to maintain the "File History" on the E: drive. I also have several fail safe Acronis 2014 system backups stored on E:!

However, when I try to do a "System Image Backup" the system will not use E: to store the Image? For some reason W8.1 wants to backup E: as part of the System Image Backup. This is not good... since I have Acronis Backups on that drive making the backup image huge.

What am I doing wrong? I have made System Image Backups on other W8.1 systems and did not have this issue - but - I probably did not have File History turn on and/or I had several 1TB hard drives available on these systems.