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Disk Usage 100%

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    Uninstall everything that your computer came with that isn't drivers..

    You need to be very picky about what is on your computer.. otherwise this happens..

    if you don't know about something just ask or google it.. but If you aren't too crazy about your settings now and you have a backup cd or usb .. or clone of your hard drive,,

    just clean install windows again and then slowly get specific programs that you want on your computer.. and then come back here tell us if your computer is 100% using disk like that..

    edit* - oh and thats some crappy write speed too haha.. might wanna check into buying a cheap SSD hard drive.. i have the samsung 840 EVO 250gig for $120-150.. something around there.. i can't remember what i really paid..

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikeytg View Post
    Have you tried just leaving it on overnight? If you recently installed windows then you also probably installed lots of updates. There is a part of the update process that continues even after an update-requested reboot that will tie up the disk for quite a while. Add to that the need to index the machine for searching.

    Leaving the machine idle for overnight will let all this stuff take over the machine and finish up. Afterwards the system will calm down. Worth a shot and it's easy to do!
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Disk Usage 100%
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