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Launching major games causes HUGE battery life loss

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    Launching major games causes HUGE battery life loss

    Ok i am curious about this and have been for some time now . Getting right to the point ,Anytime I launch a major game it causes the the battery life to drop tremendously . Originally the battery life if 8 hours but have dropped over the years .Currently 50% is usually is like 2 hours and some minutes but if a play a game , like Aion , sims 3 , or Tera , It drops majorly . Now that wouldn't be so bad if the laptop didn't tend to overheat on battery . I say on battery because without , It's fine . It gets a little warm , but its fine. On battery it gets kinda hot and i have a fear of overheat so i usually end up finding a decent stopping point . Like in Final Fantasy 14 or Sims 3 . I was wondering if there is anything i could do aside from buying a new battery and buying a cooling pad ?

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    Hi there again.

    If you're mechanically inclined you could get a can of air, unscrew the back panels, and blow the dust out. Make sure it's shut down, unplugged, and battery out before doing so. There's also static electricity to be concerned about. Touch the surface of whatever the laptop is sitting on before touching it.

    I also advise to purchase a battery.
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    Playing games and using programs that push system do require more energy than at idle or doing simple things. Overheating makes it much more pronounced. Laptops with two GPUs normally use the weaker one but on demand turn to more powerful one which of course draws much more power, CPU kicks into turbo mode, HDD works more often and harder etc. Doing things like playing, you should keep it plugged in but that also charges the battery and ads more heat. Vicious circle !!!
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Launching major games causes HUGE battery life loss
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