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Help : Taskbar is loading very slowly

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    Help : Taskbar is loading very slowly

    Help : Taskbar is loading very slowly and I am not able to perform any actions.
    Start button is disabled.
    I have removed most of the applications from Start up but still I am facing this problem
    For the first boot it is occurring after restarting I am able to work normally
    Please help me to resolve this issue.


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    Have you tried refreshing your PC? This will find any errors in Windows without deleting or modifying your apps or files.

    To do this on Windows 8.1:
    PC Settings > Update and Recovery> Advanced Startup

    After Advanced Startup click 'Troubleshoot' and then click 'Refresh'

    To do this in Windows 8:
    PC Settings > General > Refresh your PC

    Please note you will need your installation media (USB or CD you used to install Windows) to preform this task.
    You will also need administrative privileges.
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    Windows 8.1

    I don't have any installation media. I got my laptop from DELL with windows 8 installed and i have updated it to 8.1.
    Will I be able to refresh the PC without any installation media?
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    Can someone please help

    Can someone please help
    the task bar is showing the loading image.
    I am not able to perform any operation.
    After restart it starts to work normal
    Every day I am restarting my machine after first boot using shutdown -r -t 0.

    Please please
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Help : Taskbar is loading very slowly
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