I have an Acer Aspire V3 771 laptop with Windows 8.1 installed. I normally shut it down by clicking on the Acer Power Button icon on the taskbar and selecting “Shut down”. Recently I adjusted the Power Options so that the laptop would shut down when I closed the lid.

I have noticed that when I turn on the laptop the boot-up is slightly different depending on whether I have previously closed the computer down by using the Acer Power Button icon or by closing the lid. When using the former method the boot-up takes longer and the Windows 8 welcome tune plays;when using the latter method the procedure is quicker and there is no tune.

I appreciate that this seems only a small point but I wonder whether it indicates that using the lid does not shut the computer down properly in spite of what the Power Options say. Does anyone know if this could be the case?

Thanks in advance for any replies.