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Fast Startup Not Being Used

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    Windows 8.1 Pro Update 1

    Fast Startup Not Being Used

    Hi everyone!

    I am completely lost, and I would be sincerely grateful for any piece of advice.
    Since I upgraded my laptop to W8.1, Ive been noticing that boot time was noticeably slower, with a long black blank screen before the login screen.

    I started doing a little research and found that, although Fast Startup is enabled, Event Viewer shows Event Id 27:
    "Boot type was 0x0." Which means that it was a cold boot, as far as I know.

    EvId20 and EvId 18 are normal. Correct and clean shutdown and boot, Fast Startup (0x1) shown as available, but it is just not used.

    May you help me please?
    Thanks beforehand!

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    Do you have Hibernate disabled? That will disable Fast Startup.

    See Option Three here: Fast Startup - Turn On or Off in Windows 8
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    Windows 10 Home Single Language (x64)

    Try disabling most Startup Programs. It might be slowing your boot time.
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    Windows 8.1 Pro Update 1

    Thank you Ztruker and ammarasyad.
    About the second reply, most of the programs are set not to boot at startup, as well as all third-party services.
    About Ztruker's reply: it is enabled, followed the instructions for both options and yes, "Enable Fast Startup is checked and HiberbootEnabled is set to 1.

    I have realized that, compared to a factory-state laptop from a friend, some values are oddly different from mine.

    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Power] -> HiberbootEnabled=1 ResumeBootMgrTime=0 ResumeAppTime=0 ResumeAppStartTimestamp=0 ResumeLibraryInitTime=0 ResumeInitTime=0 ResumeHiberFileTime=0 ResumeRestoreImageStartTimestamp=0 ResumeIoTime=0 ResumeDecompressTime=0 ResumeMapTime=0 ResumeUnmapTime=0 ResumeUserInOutTime=0 ResumeAllocateTime=0 TimeStampCounterAtSwitchTime=0 KernelReturnSystemPowerState=dword:004dfda9 --> HiberHiberFileTime=0 --> HiberInitTime=0 HiberSharedBufferTime=0 TotalHibernateTime=0 KernelResumeHiberFileTime=0 BootPagesProcessed=0 --> HiberWriteRate=0 --> HiberCompressRate=0 HiberIoCpuTime=0 HybridBootAnimationTime=dword:000018ad
    Among them, the ones with a --> before them are 0 on my laptop, while they get different, numeric values on my friend's laptop.
    May you help me?
    Thanks again for your time! <3
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    Same as mine and I have Hibernate turned off.

    Look at this post, see if it takes you to a different place for Hibernate control. Power Options Menu - Add or Remove Sleep or Hibernate in Windows 8
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    Windows 8.1 Pro Update 1

    I am absolutely in love with this forum and, this time only, with Windows Update.

    One of these wonderful updates (most probably one of the bloe highlighted ones) automatically solved the issue just as I was losing all faith.
    Thank you for your efforts and time
    Click image for larger version

    El tipo de arranque fue 0x1. / Boot type was 0x1.
    I post this just in case anyone can take profit of this.
    Thanks again <3
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Fast Startup Not Being Used
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