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How Safe is the High Performance Power Plan in Windows 8.1

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    How Safe is the High Performance Power Plan in Windows 8.1

    Hiyo there.

    In the future I'm planning to build a new computer to replace this old hunk of junk and I'm curious as to one thing as I'm not entirely sure on this. Just how safe is using the High Performance Power Plan in Windows 8.1?

    You see, my current rig is running an old i5 661, normally on the Balanced Power Plan on an old ASUS P7P55D-E Deluxe Motherboard with a GTX 660 and 4GB of RAM on 32-bit Win8.1.

    But my future plan is to use an i5 4690K with a Corsair H110 All In One Water Cooler for CPU Cooling on a Z97 Motherboard and 8GB of RAM in 64-bit Win8.1.

    I'm hoping to get quite a bit of performance on this next computer cause hey... I'm planning on using it for gaming and such. But also web browsing and chatting with friends. I hear how High performance is suggested for 'optimising' Windows 8.1 but how much safer is it...

    And how much of a performance increase could I possibly see in comparison to the old rig?

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    I have been using computers 24/7 for many years now and always on modified High performance power plan where any and all power saving features are disabled, Mostly overclocked to the max stable OC. With good cooling and virtually no chance of overheating, there was no ill effect that could be attributed to heat or instability. To make sure all is running all the time, all devices and HDDs are set to "never turn off" or "Turn this device off to save...."
    I and many others are of opinion that HDDs last longer if they do not have to turn off and on many times a day as that puts more stress on their components. Other electronic stuff also benefit of running at steady pace without changing their temperature and loading all the time while waking from sleep states.
    So it's "full steam ahead" for me with no problems with it.
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How Safe is the High Performance Power Plan in Windows 8.1
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