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File History not backing up added library

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    File History not backing up added library

    File history seemed to be working OK. But then I added a library in Windows Explorer with my Google Drive folder. I don't have much stuff in this folder, less than 1GB. The problem is that File History is not backing up this folder in its backups.

    Do I have to delete the file history backup and redo it again every time I add a library? (I haven't tried it but it'd be a nuisance wouldn't it?).

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    Can't help with file history.
    But, I would suggest using the Standard version of Macrium Reflect to image your system.

    It works good since it supports a boot menu option.

    Macrium Reflect FREE Edition - Information and download
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    I tried deleting my file history and redoing it again and the added library was backed up OK. However, when I add another libraray the same happens.
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    Yes that is correct, that File history does not back up the libraries. It only backs up user settings. If you want to back up files in the folders that the libraries are attached to. I would suggest copying them over to a NAS, or USB drive. I keep my copies in both a account and a family owned owncloud account.

    It has also never worked correct from day one. Doubt Microsoft will ever fix the problems with it. Because so many people use other options to save copies of files.
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    Quote Originally Posted by broe23 View Post
    Yes that is correct, that File history does not back up the libraries. It only backs up user settings.
    Broe23, You perhaps are thinking of OneDrive. Certainly it is obvious that File History (which is nothing to do with OneDrive) copies Libraries (which is nothing to do with OneDrive)

    File History - How to Use in Windows 8

    Quite simply File History DOES back up libraries.

    Of course if you do not like either File History, OneDrive or the concept of Libraries that is another matter.

    I'll go and look for a new router perhaps
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File History not backing up added library
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