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High RAM Usage (Spotify high)

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    I have been following it and I always see a bunch of Chrome processes and Spotify being high, along with a bunch of other programs (probably from programs I have running at startup) but these have a very small usage. But it doesn't really look like it is adding up. I have up to 6.5 GB of RAM usage and task manager shows maybe 4GB of that.
    This will let you look at what processes for Chrome, are using up how much memory. chrome://memory-redirect/ I show Ad-Block plus and Spotify high, using a lot of RAM on my Xubuntu install. But nothing to eat up all available RAM.

    I really do not know why Chromium would have Spotify built into the browser. Unless they are using it for something in particular. I do not even have anything that would need Spotify installed in my Chrome. Only thing I can think of, is it is coded in for the Chromecast extension.
    Spotify is a separate program, it isnt a Chrome extension. With task manager it shows both as the highest ram users.

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    I know that. But when you pull up memory usage for Chrome. It shows a Spotify process, which is coded into Chromium for some unknown reason. There is obviously a reason why Chromium & google coded that particular code into the browser. Otherwise it would not show up, when you go to: chrome://memory-redirect
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    Quote Originally Posted by LMiller7 View Post
    Low memory warnings by Windows rarely refer to RAM usage. More likely they are due to Virtual address space shortages or nering the commit limit. But as mentioned previously I really want to see a screenshot of Task Manager - Performance - Memory tab before commenting further.
    I just traced a severely low memory issue causing a BSOD on startup with error 0xc0000145 to system environment variables getting overloaded. So there are other causes as well
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    Quote Originally Posted by bigceej View Post
    Spotify is a separate program, it isnt a Chrome extension. With task manager it shows both as the highest ram users.
    There's a spotify web player, online web app, and also a URI scheme. The first 2 don't invoke the spotify.exe process from within chrome.exe's execution context but the URI scheme does. Disable in the preferences pane in Spotify the option to launch it from the web.
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High RAM Usage (Spotify high)
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