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I think I accidentally disabled SSD caching

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    I think I accidentally disabled SSD caching

    I installed Ubuntu 14.04 alongside Windows 8.1 so I could dual boot them and I think I accidentally disabled SSD caching since my computer is starting Windows 8.1 a lot slower than it did before I installed Ubuntu.

    I think it has something to do with Intel Rapid Storage, but I don't know, that's just a guess.

    I have an inspiron 14 7000 series and I know it has a SSD along side the HDD that is used for caching
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    Where did ypu tell Linux to install?

    sda or sdb?
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    Did you disable fast startup in Windows? Most Ubuntu installation guides advise you to do this.

    You can check in your power settings as explained here Fast Startup - Turn On or Off in Windows 8
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    It does appear you may have put part of the Linux install on the mSATA or the install terminated the RAID, because normally you do not see the small drive in Disk Management. Did you install Ubuntu in UEFI mode?

    You might check the Intel Utility to see if it shows Acceleration as being enabled or not.

    Before I try to change the configuration of an install, I will disable the Acceleration and allow the system to unwind. Then I can enable it after. But I do not know how an Ubuntu install would effect that type of system.
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    Thanks guys, I actually figured it out a few minutes after I posted it, you're all right, I accidentally put Ubuntu on the SSD which disables the IRST because there are partitions on the SSD, I uninstalled Ubuntu and re-enabled IRST and then re-did Ubuntu only on the HDD and all is right with the world

    Thanks for you help
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I think I accidentally disabled SSD caching
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