Hi all,

I am getting an issue in 8.1 whene the process SettingSyncHost.exe is constantly running at 25-30%
I followed this article and have checked that my permissions within the registry are correct (which they are). I have also check that my user is the owner of my local OneDrive folder to make sure some sort of permissions issue is causing it.

Article followed here: SettingSyncHost is consuming CPU | Jared's space

Screenshot of task manager attached.

Click image for larger version

I can also see that my temp folder for these files is massive and constantly growing.....
%localappdata%\Microsoft\InputPersonalization\TrainedDataStore\en-gb << the last part is language specific

I nopw have over 54k files all roughly 1/2kb in size in that location.

Manually killing the process SettingSyncHost.exe fixes the issue of CPU usage for a while but then it starts all over again.

Help much appreciated as it is driving me mad (and making my Surface run hot when it isn't necesary)