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current Windows 8 slower than old Windows 7

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    current Windows 8 slower than old Windows 7

    I am not sure, but will ask the question anyway::
    Am I right in assuming that my current Windows 8 with 4 GB ram, is actually slower than my old
    Windows 7 with 4 GB ram.????
    It sure seems like it, or maybe my 74 year old brain needs an Oil and Filter change.

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    OOOP"S, the new Windows 8 is 8 GB ram, Hic.
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    Hey there oldtimer,on what system is 8 running?
    Unless its something about your age,"8" should seem running a bit faster,many,if not everybody,will agree to that.
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    Win 8.1.1 Pro x64

    Do you have Windows 8.1 Update 1 installed? That one can be actually faster than 7, normal 8 is just slow.

    Install the latest Windows 8.1 Update - Windows Help
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    Are you comparing 7 and 8 on the same computer ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by CountMike View Post
    Are you comparing 7 and 8 on the same computer ?
    I'm not the original poster, but yes, I have Windows 8 on the same computer that Windows 7 was on - just upgraded (very cheaply) and for me Windows 8 runs FASTER.
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    I would say my 8.1 is 20% faster than 7 was. quad core amd, 8 gig ram.
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    I have dual boot of Win8.1 and Win7 Pro but unfortunately W7 is on a HDD and not as W8.1 which is on SSD so I can't really compare the "Feel" of speed. I have run same benchmarks on both and there was no too much (under +10% in favor of 8.1) difference between them. Those tests are just raw data and do not reflect the look and feel of the OS though. Where 8.1 is better is memory handling, using more memory to store and cache it's components instead of relaying on disk. W8.1 also reserves more memory (if there's enough actual RAM) for hardware and the rest is freely available to programs without them actually searching for free memory addresses. Some lack of "eye candy" also helps. Those are just some of "under the skin" things.
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    Windows 8.1 Pro with Media Center

    Here's an old (and not really done well) video on Windows 7 and Windows 8 (not 8.1) on the same hardware. It's a 2006 Fujitsu Stylistic ST5012 Tablet with 2GB memory. There's a dual boot from the same hard drive. Both are fresh installs of each OS with basically the same drivers for each OS. Except there was no Windows 8 video driver for it and it loads the default driver from Microsoft instead.

    No extra programs or utilities are installed to slow either down.

    It was my test using the pre-release version of 8 to see if I wanted to switch over.

    Windows 8 vs Windows 7 Speed Test - YouTube
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    Hafnarfjörður IS
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    Hi there

    Unless you have an incredibly slow HDD then W8.1 (latest update) should run noticeably faster than W7 -- even some W7 die hards will acknowledge that.

    Ensure you don't have an overlarge paging file or any special start up programs. IMO about 90% of bad computer performance these days is usually down to poorly configured or horribly slow HDD's. - It's amazing in over the years how little has ever been posted about HDD's being a computer bottleneck -- I even saw some posts saying Word (yes Ms WORD) would run better on an i7 processor so upgrade your processor !!!. An i7 with slow HDD's would probably seem SLUGGISH compared to an i3 with an SSD for the OS !!!.

    (With modern hardware and RAM the OS should perform acceptably fast on most "typical" systems -- usually there's enough RAM but even 4GB will do, and processor power isn't usually an issue either unless you do a lot of video editing / processing or are an extreme gamer).

    IMO Video editing on any large volume is a Chore on a PC in any case --you really need something like a "mini-mainframe" -- but for home users that's not really an option !!!!

    On that hardware though - especially with only 2GB RAM I'd run any of the decent Linux distros out there -- Windows these days really does need 4GB RAM minimum. W7 x-86 - the 32 bit version would probably run OK - with W8 you are reaching or have reached the hardware limitations of that OS -- you'll probably be getting "Vista like" performance back in the original days when Vista was released on to inadequate hardware.


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current Windows 8 slower than old Windows 7
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