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current Windows 8 slower than old Windows 7

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    Hi there

    Unless you have an incredibly slow HDD then W8.1 (latest update) should run noticeably faster than W7 -- even some W7 die hards will acknowledge that.

    Ensure you don't have an overlarge paging file or any special start up programs. IMO about 90% of bad computer performance these days is usually down to poorly configured or horribly slow HDD's. - It's amazing in over the years how little has ever been posted about HDD's being a computer bottleneck -- I even saw some posts saying Word (yes Ms WORD) would run better on an i7 processor so upgrade your processor !!!. An i7 with slow HDD's would probably seem SLUGGISH compared to an i3 with an SSD for the OS !!!.

    (With modern hardware and RAM the OS should perform acceptably fast on most "typical" systems -- usually there's enough RAM but even 4GB will do, and processor power isn't usually an issue either unless you do a lot of video editing / processing or are an extreme gamer.

    IMO Video editing on any large volume is a Chore on a PC in any case --you really need something like a "mini-mainframe" -- but for home users that's not really an option !!!!


    Egg-zaktly. I doubt anybody would notice difference if Word would run (except for loading) on a Pentium 1 machine. On my SSD it opens in about 2 seconds together with a document, on a HDD about 10 or more, depending on the document. HDDs are a huge bottleneck, even a 286 processor can process data faster than any HDD. Remember going from a floppy to HDD ? How much faster it was. Going from HDD to SSD is even more of a change. What many look at SSD is it's transfer, read and write rate but that is the least important. Incredible access rates and multiple pipes for accessing data is much more important. Reading and writing 4k sizes is most important for system files for a faster "feel". Even fastest HDD can not saturate even SATA2 interface but SSD can do it to SATA3.

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    Your 8 should be running much faster than 7. Surely something wrong if it isnít. Itís probably the HD as Jimbo stated.

    Bought this old Acer with Vista preloaded with Vista. Uninstalled all the crapware, stripped out the OEM partition, and upgraded the RAM to 2 GBs. It ran a little better, but I thank the day 7 was released, especially when Defender included in MSE was released. Then I was cruising without the hoggish AV also.

    With the approaching 8 coming up I thought Iíd have to buy a new rig, but much to my amazement it didnít call for more resources. When I loaded 8RP as dual boot and booted up for the very first time, I was absolutely amazed at the speed of not only with booting, but also running.

    Office Pro 2013 > Word file opens in 4 seconds.

    This machine has been surprisingly good to me. Hardly any trouble with it over the years. Iíve been him-hawing on whether to dump money in this thing or build one. Iíd buy an SSD for it, as Jimbo stated, a video card (which is my lowest WEI score), and Iíd like to get a touch monitor for dual monitors. Itís the fact that itís maxed at 2 GBs of RAM that holds me back from doing so. Weíll see.
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current Windows 8 slower than old Windows 7
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