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Intermittent freezing, but NO BSOD or reboot

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    Intermittent freezing, but NO BSOD or reboot


    It boots OK.

    Dell 755 dual core 1.8 3.5Gb ram,

    For some time now, the machine will suddenly freeze, after 10 sec or so back to working, using any program.
    When I open outlook I'm now getting a message saying outlook didn't close properly, or personal folder didn't close properly. I always shut down al rpgrogram before switching off.
    after it's frozen you can hear the HDD crackling a little, it's like backing up.
    Don't a HDD scan and check everything seem to be OK.

    I did look through the log, I noticed a lot of multiple triggers. Don't know what that means.

    I run a Huawei modem since I used a Tigo chip, when It boots up, I notice the FDD light comes on.
    When I leave the modem in the USB and boot up, I loose my CD ROM icon, to get it back If I need it, I have to remove any usb drive like Modem, flash drive it reappears. this has happened for long long time. it did the same in Win7

    any help suggestion please.

    thank you

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    Hi, can you tell me what is your graphic card name? Also you should try to update your Chipset software.

    Good luck,werty
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    Simply the on board I haven't added a video card. Intel Q35 Express chipset family.

    I've tried updating from Intel site it say no updates available.

    As I was opening manager to get the details, I came to min the browser screen if froze, then froze again when I wanted to move it down to read the information from the manager menu.
    It seems to freeze when opening something

    The picture is fine no problem.

    I have blown the dust out of the machine.
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    Its a peculiarity of the Huawai modem/usb/dongle,
    for some reason known only to them they want there equipement to be classified as a CD/Rom device, that why you lose the icon, id check Huawai for any driver updates, and in device manager for any problems

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    Try disabling these two services:

    Windows Key + R > type services.msc > find the Windows Search service, dbl-click it and disable > find Superfetch service, dbl-click and disable.


    Is the problem rectified? If not, go back into your services console and re-enable (set startup to automatic) both.

    There are so many different things that could be causing the intermittent freezing, but in my experience, the two services above are a good place to start as they have been known to cause problems consistent with what you are experiencing.

    If disabling the above services doesn't work, and you are interested in committing yourself to troubleshooting the problem, I am certainly willing to help, however it will involve a lot of trial and error.

    Are you running any kind of antivirus\malware\adware software? Any other utilities running in the background? Do you have any kind of file compression or encryption turned on?
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    Quote Originally Posted by hawkman View Post
    Its a peculiarity of the Huawai modem/usb/dongle,
    for some reason known only to them they want there equipement to be classified as a CD/Rom device, that why you lose the icon, id check Huawai for any driver updates, and in device manager for any problems

    They (Huawai modem/usb/dongle) actually have software and drivers in their memory and some also have possibility to insert micro SD memory card.
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Intermittent freezing, but NO BSOD or reboot
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