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Can't defragment drives because Windows detects HDD as SSD

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    The Trim, I was thinking that windows is wrongly identifying drive array as SSD because of Trim being on.
    Gotcha. But I don't think it's possible to turn off Trim because as far as I know Windows does it automatically when there is an SSD detected?
    Yes they do when installed with AHCI drivers but not needed if not. To disable SSD TRIM support in Windows: "fsutil behavior set DisableDeleteNotify 1" to enable it again set to 0

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    I have the same problem: Partitions on an HDD RAID5 array show up as "Solid state drives" in Optimizer, so cannot be defragmented.
    Windows 8.1, Intel RST RST shows the members of the array as "SATA hard disk", so that's OK. A RAID0 array of SSDs connected to the Intel SATA ports shows up as "Solid state drive" and can be optimized, but another pair of SSDs connected to the Marvell SATA ports shows up as "Hard disk drive" and Optimizer wants to defragment that volume.
    I was wondering if Jarv0 ever found a solution?
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    Found this way to make Windows reassess & check what hardware really exists. See if that works for you on RAID. It worked on my HDD.

    WinSAT formal

    hard drive - I cloned my SSD to a HDD, but Windows still thinks its solid state - Super User
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    Windows 10

    "Found this way to make Windows reassess & check what hardware really exists. See if that works for you on RAID. It worked on my HDD.

    WinSAT formal"

    That command worked for me on a Win 10 machine with the same issue, much appreciated
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Can't defragment drives because Windows detects HDD as SSD
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