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EXPLORER.EXE hangs when opening & network drives mapped

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    EXPLORER.EXE hangs when opening & network drives mapped


    Basically when I map network drives (even just one) the EXPLORER.EXE file browser hangs. Admittedly I usually have at least 4 drives mapped at any given time. And they aren't always connected.

    Now that I've removed all network drives and replaced them with "network folders" it opens instantly again.

    I see the difference. The network drive link actually shows drive space used/free, not to mention a different context menu. And now it's making sense as to why it's slower.

    I'm just wondering if anyone has found a way to get explorer.exe to load instantly with network drives mapped, and have explorer simply update the GUI and list the drives as they are pinged/detected, instead of the entire file explorer hanging?

    I frequently access my local drives, and waiting for the network drives to be seen by windows is a pain.

    Has anyone found a work-around for this? ... I might have to go back to Explorer++


    Delete drive mappings and re-map them.

    Who knew it would be that easy...?


    It seems there's a bit more to this.

    The mapped drives can still cause problems if there is some heavy network traffic going on. It doesn't have to be coming from/going to the mapped drives either. It can be as simple as an internet download going at about 2-4 MBps. At that point (at least for me) the entire computer is lagging (downloading to the local drive). During the download, I happened to think of my original post here and so I removed all the mapped drives again, and once again, EXPLORER.EXE came back as speedy as ever with no mapped drives.

    So I want to pose the same question as above:

    Anyone know of a way to get explorer to just list the mapped drives from cache/memory and then to poll the stats on free/used space? As opposed to waiting to get all that info first and then displaying the drives 20 seconds later?
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    Seems to me in Vista and later there are always hassles sharing entire drives. I used USB 3.0 docking stations with WD Black internal drives. Sharing the files over the Lan what I ended up doing was making a new folder in the root and dragging all the other folders into it. Then share the folder. It's not always a viable option. But it seems quicker and more reliable when possible to use that technique.

    A better answer may be to use a third party file manager that doesn't bog.
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    Yep, I'm already looking at 3rd party file managers again. Explorer++ has been my favorite for a while...

    Thanks for the reply.
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    Explorer should have a sanity check on the file/drive info stuff. I remember trying to copy Windows.old folder over a network via drag and drop. Explorer started counting the file objects instead of copying. After using RichCopy to copy Windows.old I saw it had over 260,000 objects. Explorer should quit when it hits a hundred. It would have been counting for days if I let it go on(or until it crashed.)
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EXPLORER.EXE hangs when opening & network drives mapped
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