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Local user sign-in time becomes too long (after disconnect

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    Win 8.1

    Sign-in time too long

    Two days ago I received quite a strong new Win 8.1 computer (with SATA drive).
    I have opted for a LOCAL user only without a password.
    The boot process was extremely fast: the computer turns-on to the blue log-in screen in few seconds; and then pressing Enter the signing-in process was almost immediate.

    Then, a bad thing happened: I was lured by Microsoft to sign-in with a Microsoft account.
    Then, signing-in to my computer with this MS account (and password) took ages; I mean, something like a full one minute the computer was trying to sign-in until eventually succeeding.
    Understanding my mistake (why would I want an MS account?) I decided to disconnect from my Microsoft account, and return back to my nice local user.

    But now, the long waiting time to signing-in (even without a password, and with an automatic log-in) still remains: I wait like 25 sec when the blue screen and the white dot circulate repeatedly until my account is signed-in.

    What is going on?
    Help me!
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    Win 8.1

    The following is only a partial solution, as the boot-up time is still very slow.
    The solution shortens the time to sign-up, namely, when you sign-out and then
    sign-in, things should be fast. (But not when you first sign-in after boot).
    Damn Windows' incompetent software engineers!

    Delayed PIN log on when full start up - Microsoft Community

    Go to pc services and switch the startup type from the Credential Manager service (VaultSvc) from manual to automatic.
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    Win 8.1

    As I said above when booting again the above problem returns once more.
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Local user sign-in time becomes too long (after disconnect
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