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In my 25 years of build and repairing PC's, in the past 10 years or so, I have never seen a CPU "burn up" for any reason. The modern CPU's have a thermal overload built in so if the temps exceed the mas temp allowed, the CPU will simply shut down and not boot up again until it cools down. I don't recommend testing this on a CPU that you need because I don't know what the long term results of such "stress testing" on the CPU would be but CPU's do not simply "burn up" like they used to many years ago.... I hooked up a Q6600 CPU yesterday and forgot to plug in the cPU fan to the motherboard and it booted into the BIOS then ran for a minute or two then shut down. No harm done...
The shutdown was possible triggered by the BIOS-Settings: Click

Thermal Management for Intel® Core™2 Family Desktop Processors