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High temperature while Oc'ing with H80i

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    High temperature while Oc'ing with H80i


    I'm a newbie to overclocking, and i have been reading some guides on how to do it, and i finally decided to give it a shot. I did everything correctly, i assume, but the temperature is way too high for the H80i.

    I have overclocked it to 4.5@ GHz, with an offset voltage of + 0.025 CPU pll voltage of 1.7 and pch 0.9v.
    50% LLC, and VRM frequency manually set to 350.

    It doesn't BSOD, however the temps are way too high. In prime95, it starts with 80 and ends up sitting at 90. (i didn't leave it on for a long time since i didn't like the temps.)

    Max vcore voltage was 1.352, but even with this voltage, i think that it should run on 70C max.

    Any clues on why it's so hot? I have re-seated everything and re-applied the thermal paste, but so far no luck.

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    Wynnum Australia
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    Could be your H80i (too weak) or you have a bad airflow in your case.

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    I found this comment on another forum:

    If you don't use washers between the back plate of the H80i and the motherboard you won't get it working right. It needs to be on tight it can't have wiggle room, which it does without the washers.

    If you just follow the included instruction you could install it and not have the right contact.

    I used 3 small washers behind each of the screws between the back plate and motherboard. After doing this the temps were much lower! Corsair really should update their quick guide. I think this and their software has let their product down. My 4770k doesn't go over 65 running Prime 95 at 4.4Gz at 1.275v. At 4.2 it won't go over 55. Both 4.2 and 4.4 both idle between 27-30 at running high performance mode. This was after deliding my CPU with GC-extreme and using the pre applied paste on the H80i.
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    Wynnum Australia
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    I get with Prime95 (max heat) and blocked air-filters still less than you at my wife's rig:

    Asus-AI-Suite-II shows only 75C.

    ... and here now with cleaned case-filters:

    Asus-AI-Suite-II doesn't even reach 72C, so no alarm this time.

    Beside that, 90C would kill the 2600k: Click

    Maybe your sensors / temp-tool are not working properly.

    PS: Overclock is @4500MHz, but HWINFO64 doesn't show it properly. Water-Cooling is a "Thermaltake Big Water 850 GT", which is part of her "Thermaltake Level-10 GT LCS"-Case and which performs similar to your closed loop. I was able to reach 5012MHz on air with a "Thermaltake FRIO OCK"

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    Just out of curiosity, what are the voltages you used to get it running at 4500?

    Also, i'll give those washers a try. Although it's weird, because the screws from the backplate already come with their own kind of washers.
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    For 4500MHz I don't need to play with the voltages at all.


    - CPU Manual Voltage = Auto
    - CPU PLL Voltage = Auto
    - PCH Voltage = Auto
    - DRAM Voltage = 1.65000
    - VCCSA Voltage = 0.90000
    - VCCIO Voltage = 1.00000
    - CPU Spread Spectrum = Disabled

    - Load Line Calibration = High
    - VRM Frequency = Auto
    - VRM Spread Spectrum = Enabled
    - Phase Control = Optimized
    - Duty Control = T.Probe
    - CPU Current Capability = 100%

    - BCLK/PCIE Frequency = 100.0
    - Turbo Ratio = By All Cores
    - By All Cores = 45
    - Internal PLL Overvoltage = Disabled

    - Memory Frequency = DDR3-2133MHz
    - EPU Power Saving Mode = Disabled

    If I overclock to 4800 - 4900MHz, then I have to play around with the voltages, but it comes down to how good the batch of your CPU was.

    The 2600k is by far easier to overclock, than my actual 3770k @4700MHz.

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    Windows 8.1 x64

    I can't seem to find VCCSA Voltage nor CPU Current capability setting.
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High temperature while Oc'ing with H80i
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