I think you are thoroughly mistaken.

Both Macrium and AOMEI Backupper can image your system partition/s. You restore your system - that is the OS partition and associated partitions.

The above tools can also backup your recovery partition or any other partition you may want to image .

In general, if you want to back up your complete machine, you will create a system backup that will create an image of the OS partition that will automatically include all other necessary sectors/partitions that are required to boot the OS . You may also take a back up of the recovery partition.

If your system for some reason becomes unbootable, you may restore the system backup image booting from the Recovery CD, which will only run the tool. It has nothing to do with the original recovery partition that is in the HDD.

If your original Recovery partition is damaged or corrupted, you may restore it from the image of the Recovery partition you had created earlier.