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netsvcs burning ~10% cpu at idle?

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    netsvcs burning ~10% cpu at idle?

    I recently moved to Win 8.1 (clean install) and I'm having an odd issue where my CPU usage never drops below 10-11%. Resource monitor shows that it's svchost.exe (netsvcs) that's responsible, burning 8-11% cpu and averaging around 9%.

    When I check services, ProfSvc is usually responsible for around half of that (~5%), but at times it's 0 or 2% while svchost still shows the same 9% useage. I also see an occasional blip (up to 5%) from iphlpSvc, but nothing else really registers. Most of the time, I see ProfSvc using 5% with nothing else above 0%, and I'm not sure where the other ~5% of it is coming from.

    Also oddly, Intel PROSet monitoring service burns an additional 2-3 percent. If I suspend that svchost.exe (netsvcs) from resource monitor, things drop to the expected range and the ProSet monitoring service drops to 0% as well.

    I'm running win7 32bit in a VM using hyper-V, with my mobo's (asus P8C WS) second Ethernet port dedicated to the VM, and kind of suspect this might have something to do with it, though the CPU usage is high whether the VM is running or not, and whether I have the second NIC activated or not.

    I've also had some trouble accessing my router' configuration (asus AC66r) from this computer. Pages take forever to load or time out. Never had that trouble in win7 and my wife's mac accesses it just fine.

    I've run ESET AV and malwarebytes and come up with nothing.

    I'm betting that there's something amiss with the network configuration or drivers, but google isn't getting me anywhere and everything seems up to date.

    Thoughts/ideas? Much thanks.

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    I found a question similar but it's more like 90% CPU utilization. Still, it may be if interest:

    SVCHOST-svchost.exe -k netsvcs uses 90% + CPU Usage, slows - Microsoft Community
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netsvcs burning ~10% cpu at idle?
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