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Why is my HP laptop so slow?

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    Why is my HP laptop so slow?

    Hi when i did Valley Benchmark I got a score of 314 and a average FPS of 10, my specs

    Resolution:1366 x 768
    Graphics Card: AMD Randeon HD 7600G (0x9908)
    DAC Type: Internal DAC (400Mhz)
    String Type: AMD Randeon HD 7600G

    Total Available Graphics Memory: 4224Mb
    Used Graphics Memory:768Mb
    System Video Memory:0Mb
    Shared System Memory:3456Mb

    Ram:8Gb DDR3 1333Mhz
    CPU:AMD A-8 4555m APU
    Maximum Speed:1.6Ghz
    Logical processors:4
    Hyper-V support: Yes
    L1 cache: 320Kb
    L2 cache: 8Mb

    Please can someone help me

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    I'll almost guarantee that the general overhead on your system resources are being choked because of all the proprietary bloatware that usually comes pre-installed on HP machines. How many programs do you have running in the background? At start-up? How long have you had the computer and how many apps/utilities do you have installed? When was the last time you defragged the hard drive?

    Rt. click your taskbar in desktop mode and choose task manager > startup tab. Can you use the snipping tool to take a screenshot and post it here?

    Unfortunately, there are so many factors that could sap the performance of your computer, that we really need more information to be able to properly help, but the startup tab would be the first place I would look.
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    depends on what you mean by its slow,
    if your talking gaming the answer is your 1.6 ghz speed,
    my little 1.6ghz runs like lightning, cold start to browser homepage 20 secs
    after i got rid of duplicate progs.

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    Can't expect too much out of that processor and APU integrated graphics. RAM is also shared with processor and GPU and at 1333 MHz instead of 1866 processor has controller for it's even worse. That's what can be classified as an "Office machine" "Gaming" it is not. The fact that it's a laptop doesn't help either.
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    Fixing or Diagnosing a Slow PC

    Removing the bloat ware, adware, and viruses are ways of speeding up a PC. These steps can fix the problem without a diagnosis. Sometimes anti-virus software slows down a PC.

    Task Manager, Resource Monitor and Windows Performance Analyzer can diagnose what is slowing down a PC. Windows task manager showing high system usage has some examples of these tools.

    Please post your output of Task Manager, Resource Monitor and/or Windows Performance Analyzer, and what loads you are placing on the system, and what kind of response time you are looking for.
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    What settings on Valley? I'll run it on mine at same just for comparison.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Xx3qmxX View Post
    Hi when i did Valley Benchmark I got a score of 314 and a average FPS of 10
    I have Lenovo E525 with AMD 6480G and A4-3300M@2,0GHz and I have got score 351, so yours seems appropriate. Benchmarks are usually meant for high-end GPUs, not for low-end graphics. But GPU speed should not affect your desktop experience, unless you are talking about playing the newest games as being slow.

    AMD Radeon HD 7600G - Tech
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    My GPU is a AMD Radeon HD 7600G - I think
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    Like forever, laptops are slower than desktops by their very size and nature.
    Then they come with every piece of Crapware known to man. Like those Wild Tangent games, that are Spyware.

    I clean up PC's like that all the time and the speed gain I get can be anything from 10% to 100%.
    But it's not a one-step process and it doesn't take just five minutes either.
    Most of what I do is in scripts or batch files, but here's one thing you can do with any PC, and it works.

    Shorten the Boot Time in XP, Vista & Windows 7 & 8

    Go to the start button, choose run, then type msconfig and press Ok.
    On the system configuration window, choose the "Boot.INI" tab.

    Check “No Gui Boot”, then lower the timeout to a more manageable time.
    I choose 3 seconds in stead of 30. (windows won’t accept a lower number than 3)

    Next choose advanced options.
    This is where you can choose how many processors you have.
    Most modern PC's are duo core (2 processors) with some quad core (4 processors)
    then choose OK. The Windows default is only 1 core.

    Now choose apply and OK, reboot and you should see a marked decrease in boot time,
    And an Increase in Run-Time efficiency.

    That's a simple one. From there on it gets progressively more complicated.

    Good Luck!

    PS: Never put a laptop computer on any soft surface, like your lap. The cooling air intakes are usually on the bottom and if you block them, the laptop will overheat and the CPU will throttle down to limit heating and prevent burning up.
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    Yeah it is fine, my GPU is surprisingly good at rendering where it renders a 20minuet 4k video in 1 hour
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Why is my HP laptop so slow?
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