Good day,

Just bought a new laptop (Lenovo Z510, with 8.1 pre-installed).

Since the very first day I am having the issue that when I press the "Start Menu" Button, I have to wait about 2 minutes until the menu opens (no exaggeration) . This happens not only the first time after startup, but also if I have not pressed it for about 30 min.

Very regular clicking opens it immediately. Now, i assume that that might have something to do with the internet speed, as I guess the system is trying to download some files/app updates or what-if-nots.

Since I am currently sitting in rural South India, there is nothing I can do to about that issue.

My question:
1. Am I right in assuming the problem comes from there?
2. If it is the Internet, somebody please tell me how to switch off live updates of the Menu.
2. What else could it be?

Advice is highly appreciated, as this small issue drives me regularly insane.


M. Enzler