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How often should I perform maintenance on Windows?

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    How often should I perform maintenance on Windows?

    I'm relatively new to all of the maintenance aspects of Windows etc. However, I want to try and run tasks on my laptop, according to a schedule, rather than worry about maintenance every two minutes etc.

    So far, I have got the following on my computer for security:

    Anti Virus - Run once a week, full scan once per month (inc. firewall)
    Malware Bytes - Run once a week, full scan once per month
    CC Cleaner - Remove junk - remove junk once a week

    However, what maintenance tasks do I need to perform with Windows 8.1? Will the Maintenance tool do the work for me and if so, will running maintenance in general once a week, do the trick? I don't want to do maintenance every day for the sake of it.

    Am I doing things correctly thus far? The security of my computer, I have been advised, is good. However, I'm a shade rusty on what maintenance I need to do - I was planning to run the maintenance at night so it could do the necessary work in the small hours and then come back to the laptop in the morning etc.

    Thanks for any advice.


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    You don't indictate what anti-virus you are using. I use Microsoft defender and do nothing with it except allow its daily updates (via Windows Update - see here: Windows Update - Check for and Install in Windows 8

    Malwarebytes I use only if something goes wrong (rarely - perhaps 1 time per year for me).
    CC Cleaner - you can run the clean bit once a month (or week if you want). It certainly isn't necessary for anything unless you are seriously running out of disk space. Don't run the registry cleaner (or any other).

    Windows will do it's own maintenance - let it be. It will default to 3am but will choose another time if your PC was turned off and try again when you just aren't doing anything.

    Your best bet though is to make a backup now while things are working.

    Do this: Refresh Windows 8 - Create and Use Custom Recovery Image
    And consider Macrium (or similar) to back up everything: Macrium Reflect FREE Edition - Information and download perhaps once a month or so.
    And also backup daily (or as you wish) your own pictures, music, whatever. You could use this for example File History - How to Use in Windows 8 - it will run automatically.
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    I agree with the above (no CC Cleaner, yes malware scan, yes Windows takes care of itself ((unless you turned auto maintenance off)))
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    I run Avast Antivirus. I have decided to run things according to a schedule now. Once a week, typical virus scan and malware bytes scan as well as a typical clean up.

    Also, when you say Windows takes care of itself, this might sound like a dumb question and apologies if it is, but can Windows maintain itself, even when the Laptop is switched off?
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    No, off is off, nothing happens then.

    I use the built-in Windows Defender and scan maybe once a month.
    I use Malware Bytes Pro and scan once a month.
    I use CCleaner and run it every night before I shut the computer down.
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    In addition to what others have said here, I do automated file backups every day and an full image backup once a week.
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    Quote Originally Posted by adamf View Post
    Windows will do it's own maintenance - let it be. It will default to 3am but will choose another time if your PC was turned off and try again when you just aren't doing anything.
    Except, Windows do it, when the PC is inactive and that might never happen or not properly, in other words, it will be never maintained. HDD defragmentation takes time as it is and when it is stopped regularly, it can make performance worse, since at first it moves files to the edges of the HDD and when stopped, it is messed up, that is why 3rd party tools are recommended, they provide more details and probably better algorithms, Microsoft does not have a patent for being the best in everything. I also use CCleaner, actually to shutdown PC (/AUTO /SHUTDOWN), along with WiseCare365, it contains HD defrag and other tools, like an uninstaller.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ztruker View Post
    No, off is off, nothing happens then
    It depends what you mean by off. If the laptop is fully shut down then yes. It will however wake from sleep - do its thing and then shut down again. Otherwise it will wait until it thinks you aren't doing anything interesting (no user input for a certain time) and then run its tasks (and those of correctly written third party programs).

    You can read about it here if you want Automatic Maintenance (Windows)
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    Good advice here...
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    I use CCleaner and AVG Clean-Up... but noticed that when I clean my registry, my apps don't load so I have to re-install them.

    Would be great to use an AIO utility rather than having lots of different ones. I liked the defrag tool in AVG because it has an optimise utility. I also like the fact I can see the progress rather than a little text and % box.

    I'll have to uninstall AVG due to the fact it keep wrecking my apps, which is a shame. Does anyone have any other recommendations for a good AIO utility that's not likely to make things worse?
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How often should I perform maintenance on Windows?
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