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Disk use 100% and average response time almost 8 seconds

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    Disk use 100% and average response time almost 8 seconds

    I have had windows 8.1 for quite some time now and never had any issues with my OS. Until recently, my OS disc use now shows 100% with writing speeds going up to 100mb/sec and average response times of my HD from 4000 to 8000ms...

    Nothing has changed on my side and I have it at a repair shop right now. They said hardware is 100% fine and they are running a stress test on my PC but everything looks good so far. ANy ideas?

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    You could try opening the Resource Monitor. Go to the Disk tab, then put a checkmark next to the process using the most disk activity. Then check the window below to see what it is writing or reading.

    To be fair, you may see increased disk activity for short periods of time, but it should stop after a while unless something is driving it you may want to stop.
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Disk use 100% and average response time almost 8 seconds
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