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    automatic maintenence

    Hi I have a HP laptop running windows of yesterday automatic maintenance is saying its being delayed, I never had a problem before. As a matter of fact I still have it set at 3 am never changed anything, I'm not a tech person at all. There's been times when I wouldn't turn the computer on for a week and it would still run its maintenance at the next time I turned the computer on. I've tried several different trouble shooting attempts here from changing the time for the maintenance, to running it by just clicking on run now. I did a manual update on the windows defender and checked for new updates in windows update.
    But I do have to mention that several weeks ago I encountered a malware, so I downloaded a trail version of malware bytes and when it expired I uninstalled it. Fast forward to today I just notice as of yesterday my automatic maintenance is being delayed. Is it possible that when I uninstalled malware bytes it took a piece of my automatic maintenance software or what ever you wish to call it.
    I'm not good at computer trouble shooting, I'm not a very technical person at all, but I would appreciate any and all suggestions. If I may request, please when explaining this to me just make it as easy as possible.
    Thank - you ever so much.

    PS. What exactly is the automatic maintenance doing anyways, can;t I just shut it off and run my own disk clean up and defrag if needed I can leave automatic updates turned on so why do I need automatic maintenance?

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    Hello Bailey,

    Automatic Maintenance could have been delayed for a number of reasons. The usual reason is another program or task running, or heavy user activity.

    You can manually start it anytime you like though. The tutorial below can help show you how to, and give you more details on what Automatic Maintenance is and does.

    Automatic Maintenance - Manually Start or Stop in Windows 8
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    Ok I did as recommended, I open action centre went directly to uac set it for the highest level, NOTE ( it was already at the 2nd recommended level). then I clicked in start maintenance and it still returned as maintenance was delayed.

    Note I also had a window pop up when I expanded the automatic maintenance, it said their is 2 issues and I had the option to send a report so I clicked on send report. I had this option yesterday as well and so I did the same I sent the report, but with no success. It returned to me as failed I can't figure this out all was well last week what happened.
    NOTE : I keep getting update to windows 8.1 I tried to update to that last year and I had no success I let it try to download and install for over night and had no success, but that's only an app. so I fine with leaving things as is with windows .,
    Secondly classic shell keeps pop up every so often to update. I already have one installed for me by a friend, and when I go look in add remove programs I see 3 classic shell icons and I don't know which is which.

    Third I also noticed in my start up icon when I go to programs and they all appear I see 3 Hewlett-Packard white folders to which one has (2) and the other (3). They all are shortcuts and says the llmi-resuce.exe that this shortcut has been changed or moved so this short cut will no longer work properly.

    Last year when I first bought this computer I didn't understand Hewlett-Packard sending updates and do their own maintenance work/repair I contacted the store I purchased it from and brought it in to the store and they shut off Hewlett-Packard updates they said they weren't needed, only updates from windows is all that's needed understand so because this is what running on the computer.
    Like I said I don't understand how to fix things and would appreciate any assistance.
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    I just updated my Classic Shell.

    When I did so the new version replaced the old version in Programs & Features automatically.
    Thus, I only have 1 version there.
    A picture:

    Click image for larger version

    Look at the date of the versions you have & uninstall the 2 oldest & go to:

    Classic Shell - Start menu and other Windows enhancements

    & download & install the latest version.
    You should then be good to go as far as Classic Shell goes.
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automatic maintenence
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