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Deathly buzzing sound and possible CPU issues

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    Hey guys, update. I spoke with acer support. I did a system refresh which wiped the programs but not most documents. The audio issue remained. I downloaded the audio drivers again from acers website and it seemed to go away.

    Unfortunately the issue came back a couple times this week-I tried disabling non microsoft services on start up, it seems to have gone. It popped up again today and seems to have gone after I restarted. I feel like there's some shitty program or something that's causing this...I don't know what.

    I also find this warning in the event viewer, I don't know if it is related or not.
    "The speed of processor x in group 0 is being limited by system firmware. The processor has been in this reduced performance state for 71 seconds since the last report." where x is 1-4 for each processor. Should I make a new topic for this? I tried doing some research, I have all my battery settings to max performance, I don't know what is screwing with my processors.

    I will keep you guys updated, hopefully I can isolate the cause of this damn thing. In the meanwhile do you guys have any methods for detecting hardware issues? I want to make sure it's not a hardware problem. Thanks.

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    Thank you for telling us you would keep us updated. This how we, or at least I, learn.
    I agree, its pointless to just leave and not even tell people what worked, nobody learns.
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    Hello Theridon

    "do you guys have any methods for detecting hardware issues? I want to make sure it's not a hardware problem. Thanks."

    >When you boot tapping F12 or UEFI , do you see any word "diagnostics" along with boot choices.
    My pc and some do. When you click it you can run a dx of all your hardware. Also, if you don't have this internally, go to the pc manufacturer and find the hardware diagnostic program. On some pcs there is either in the F2 Bios area or another key like F8 where you may find a diagnostic program. I installed mine from the manufacturer but b/c I have one internally, I removed the one from them.
    Mine takes about 20 minutes and then asks if I want a complete dx of my hardware.
    Good luck and let us know.
    P.S. If all else fails, do a search of Acer program to test hardware.
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Deathly buzzing sound and possible CPU issues
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