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Your new system looks normal; It could be better but its within normal spiking on latency. Also don't really put much thought in the pagefaults they don't mean much. On your original setup I would have laid the blame on the logitech usb headset.

Also many games suffer from what you describe as low fps and low gpu/cpu usage, which one are you referring to?
Hi there, how do you know this is between normal spiking? I would like to know that so I can learn.

I was refering to Battlefield 3, under multiplayer 64 players, NFS games, The Witcher 2, etc.. which all of them would drop very hard on FPS due to poor GPU usage. I got that resolved now, it was because of my graphics card (R9 280X 3GB) was causing a bottleneck to my previous AMD Phenom II X6 1100T, even when overclocked at 4.0GHz.
Hi, I'm going by your pic where even though it spikes to 500+ its still says its suitable for audio work. So I'm guessing its only spiking above 100 every few secs. But many things can affect latency; anything from your drivers, power saving features, enabled devices and even the motherboard itself can have an effect on latency.
Glad your issues are resolved and enjoy the sweet upgrade