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Hibernate - Is there any benefit to disabling Hibernation?

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    Hibernate - Is there any benefit to disabling Hibernation?

    Is there any benefit to disabling Hibernation?

    From an elevated Command Prompt:

    C: / Windows / System 32 / powercfg -h off
    C: / Windows / System 32 / powercfg -h on

    If off that will save disk space, 1 gigabyte or more.

    But, will it also make boot up time slower, because fast bootup uses something in Hibernate?

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    Hello mb1280,

    Disabling hibernate will free up a nice junk of hard drive space that's about equal to 75% of the amount of RAM installed. It will also help speed up your computer shut down time since it doesn't have to wait while writing memory contents to the hiberfil.sys file.
    In addition, if you disable hibernate, it will also turn off/disable fast startup.
    It's kind of a trade off for what you want to do, but you could also put your computer to sleep when not needed instead for a fast shutdown and startup.

    Hope this helps,
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    Space, well it takes about as much as RAM you have, so it can be few times more than 1 GB.
    Boot times, not that helpful with SSD. Checked difference with or without it and was less than a second.
    Hibernate, main function, well, either you use it or not to put computer to "sleep".
    I "kill " it every time.
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    Ok, I timed it . . .

    I've got: 2 GB RAM DDR2

    WinDirStat says:
    hiberfil.sys . . . 1.6 GB
    pagefile.sys . . . 1.0 GB

    Startup and Shutdown:

    Hibernate - On . . . 1:04 to 1:11 . . . 0:14 to 0:17

    Hibernate - Off . . . 2:27 to 2:38 . . . 0:12 to 0:13

    So it looks like I'll leave it on.

    . . . this is doing boot up and shutdown direct/only . . .

    In using my computer normally, I have noticed that shutdown seems to take a noticeably long time. It seems like it could be 3 mins, but I've never timed it, I just notice that it takes a long time. This is one difference I've noticed between XP and Win 8 (I just updated to 8.1).
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    Well, shutdown is affected by Hibernate too, it takes time to write down everything that was in memory and running at the time but should not be too long. That's the price you have to pay for faster startup. That plus clearing cache and disks write slower than they read. But, all of that pales comparing to windows having to shut down services and running programs and drivers so that part can affect shutdown speed even more, specially if a program or driver misbehaves at that time and refuses to shut down properly and fast enough. XP was also notorious with shutdown when drivers were wrong or stubborn.
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    id turn it off

    Hi MB,
    In your case id turn it off,
    2 reasons really
    a) your running a 32 bit system so im assuming its an older rig.
    b) only 2GB ram, Hib sits there and gets bigger and bigger and it will eventually slowdown your system.

    Must admit my startup/shutdown times are really good, with it off even with my low end lappy.

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    Thanks Hawk . . . It boots up faster with it on though . . . I didn't know that it grows and slows over time.

    I can just put it in my calendar software to zap the hibernate file every 4 to 8 months, when I do some other maintenance. Maybe once a year would be fine, I'll have to see.
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Hibernate - Is there any benefit to disabling Hibernation?
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