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Disable error messages (appcrash,dll,HardErrorMsg) regedit

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    Disable error messages (appcrash,dll,HardErrorMsg) regedit

    How to disable all types or error messages (appcrash, dll initialization, hard error messages) through regedit (HKCU only).
    I was wondering how to disable all types of error messages on windows (XP/7/8/8.1) through registry through HKCU only.
    I know that on win 7/8 i can change
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Windows Error Reporting
    DontShowUI to 1
    and on win xp (is there any way to do this through HKCU instead HKLM?)
    ShowUi to 0
    But this does not help with errors like "DLL Initialization failed", in order to fix these you have to set (any way to do in HKCU?)
    ErrorMode to 2
    However, I need everything done only through HKCU. Are there other ways to directly or indirectly disable all sorts of error messages, preferably through HKCU not HKLM?
    Other question, if it is not possible to disable the error messages in other ways, could there be a way to make the machine shut down faster so that error messages are not even showed while the machine is shutting down.
    I tried these on XP.
    HKCU\Control Panel\Desktop
    AutoEndTasks to 1
    HKCU\Control Panel\Desktop
    HungAppTimeout to 0
    HKCU\Control Panel\Desktop
    WaitToKillAppTimeout to 0
    It did help a little but still the error message manages to show up, unless you set
    ErrorMode to 2
    but, i need to make the changes through HKCU only.

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    windows 8.1 Update 1 Pro 64bit

    I don't know what you are getting at here!!

    If you are getting error messages as such, you have big problems and they should be addressed. Disabling messages does not fix the problem.
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    Hello guys,
    Thanks for the replies, however, the situation is quite complicated.
    I indeed know which software is causing these errors, but it is limited and private coded, it needs to be ran on our computers all the time, it need to be on startup and obviously it has some bugs.
    So theres nothing we can do about the software without investing a lot of money for fixing it.
    Thats why i am for band aids as you say - workaround - to disable all of the error messages.
    I am getting this kind of error on startup -

    And this kind of error while shutting down (it would be dll initialization failed while shutting down error in english)

    Is there any way to disable these in other way than setting (i would really prefer something through HKCU)
    ErrorMode to 2
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    group policy

    Hi Elie,
    I'm assuming your running thru a network, not my area, but i would have thought you would have to do this via group policy, so that it propogates down to HKLM. NOTE this will only work if ALL the PC's are PRO
    your best bet is the MS website.

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Disable error messages (appcrash,dll,HardErrorMsg) regedit
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