Here is my issue:
DISK1: SSD with Windows 7x64 Ultimate installed and running fine
DISK2: 2nd internal HD for data
DISK3: SSD with Windows 8x64 Pro installed

So my initial configuration (stable and working fine) is DISK1+DISK2. I then disconnected DISK2 and replaced DISK1 with a fresh SSD to install WIn8x64 (DISK3), I then reconnected DISK2 and the configuration DISK3+DISK2 is stable and working fine. Issue is that each time I swap DISK1 with DISK3 and viceversa, at boot I get a prompt to run CHKDSK for DISK2, with DISK1 I have time to press any key and skip it, but with DISK3 I have no time to press it and I'm forced to run CHKDSK and wait until finished. (Fast Boot is disabled in BIOS).
Question: If I connect all 3 drives (DISK1+2+3), will I be able to choose which OS to run at boot? If not, how can I configure this? Thanks