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Issues with Windows firewall and Action center

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    Issues with Windows firewall and Action center

    So the two issues are as far as I can tell unrelated to each other.
    I run windows 8.1 x64 with all updates available to date.

    I will start with the firewall issue.

    About 3-4 days ago I noticed as soon as I connected to my ISP's vpn no internet access would be available.
    Thought at first my ISP had issues on their side, not uncommon they have issues from time to time.
    And reported it to their support, and yesterday I noticed the problem is on my side and particularly with my firewall somehow. Any network set to public will be affected in the following way no network traffic will go through. I open cmd.exe and type ping I get the following result:
    General failure
    4 packets lost

    If I set the network to private it works just fine.
    I assume it's due to some setting in windows firewall that's messed up.
    Issue with action center:
    It reports that kasperksy antivirus is disabled for both antivirus and malware.
    I get the option to turn on kaspersky or defender. I choose to turn on kaspersky nothing happens.
    If I turn on defender it's all happy and quiet.
    As far as I can tell, kaspersky runs without complaining and does it's job as it always has.
    Of course I don't really can't say my system is compromised but kaspersky do tell me at sometimes
    this file is infected with xxx. (usually different trainers for games and usually a trojan)

    I could always tell action center to ignore anything related to antivirus but it's annoying me that it won't accept actions it gives as an option.

    Any solutions?

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    Never ignore what an AV program is trying to tell you. I would uninstall Kaspersky using their removal tool and just use Windows Defender for not and see if your situation improves. Be sure Windows Defender and Firewall are activated.
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Issues with Windows firewall and Action center
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