I've had File History set up for the past few months on my desktop.

Problem is, this entire time, one of the libraries I had set up solely for backup was never actually included in the backup.

I think I've figured out what is happening, but if I'm right, it means that Microsoft has taken out a fundamental feature that worked with Windows 7 style backups. I want to verify that this is the case, and see if there are any workarounds other than using Windows 7 style backups (I like the 10-minute backup frequency).

The folder I wanted to include was a sub-folder of the Desktop. Except for this one folder, my desktop's contents changes daily with random documents that shouldn't be backed up. I just want to include this one folder. Using Windows 7 backup, you would be able to exclude the top level folder (Desktop) and include just that sub-folder. That way, regardless of what folders/files are created/modified on the Desktop, the backup will only ever backup that one sub-folder.

Apparently, this is impossible with File History. If I exclude the desktop, File History IGNORES any sub-folders of the desktop... In other words, every time I create new files/folders on the desktop that will stay there for a few months, but that shouldn't be backed up, I need to go back in to the settings to exclude those new folders.

Is there any way around this?