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Computer freezes for 3+ minutes after logon or wakeup

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    Computer freezes for 3+ minutes after logon or wakeup

    *This is my first post so not sure if i'm including everything i need*

    Hello. I have been having this issue with my laptop since around February of this year. After I had installed Windows 8.1, i noticed that i would randomly start getting the BSOD and it would tell me I had a Kernal Data error. (or something like that, i don't remember the exact error code) I tried looking up what to do to fix the issue but couldn't find anything. I did find a site that told me to run the SFC /scannow command and it gave me a detail list of the process. I noticed that it mentioned something about PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE and AMD64, which is weird because I have an Intel processor. Also said something about a hash mismatch. The detail list is included in the ZIP file i have on here.

    I just ended up doing a system restore and things were working fine for a while. Then after I would log on to my PC, the programs and apps would freeze for about 3-5 minutes. The mouse was still movable but nothing else would open or operate for those minutes. After the freeze it would start working again but then it would freeze again shortly after. Over time it's gotten progressively worse and now i'm turning to the Internet to ask for help.

    I ran another SFC /scannow today and it gave me a different (and longer) list of its details. It also mentioned that it found some corrupt files and couldn't fix them. At this point I am not sure what to do. Is anyone else having this issue or is it just me? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Included in the zip file is the old SFC detail list, the new one, and the CMD message after running the SFC /scannow command. Thanks!
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    Hi, for the BSods you can run this program It shows the faulty drivers which caused the Blue screens. About the corrupt files run this command Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth in an elevated Command Prompt (with admin rights ),restart PC and then run the SFC again. Hope this works!
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Computer freezes for 3+ minutes after logon or wakeup
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