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How Do I Fix a Jumping Cursor

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    Hi there.

    Each to his own - but cutting and pasting chunks of text IMO is STILL far more easily done with a mouse than any other piece of hardware I've seen.

    People have been looking for over 40 years for alternative hardware to the humble mouse -- they still haven't found it yet - even with Touch devices a mouse is still KING for cutting / pasting. On some laptops too you need hands the size of a STEAM SHOVEL to manipulate the touchpad comfortably. I'm afraid it will be a long time - if ever - before I give up using a mouse.

    (I have read about in the IBM labs and at Ms there is some way they are thinking of using EYE / Retinal movement for this purpose --now that could work very well. I believe the Scientist Stephen Hawking uses some sort of retinal device to manipulate his computer and communicate -- but that is a very specialized application for severely disabled persons. The hardware would have to get a lot cheaper and less bulky before it filters down to consumers - but I'm sure it will in future. Would be great when trying to use a laptop in a plane in crowded cattle class seats though).


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    Quote Originally Posted by Juliet68 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by mikeytg View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Juliet68 View Post

    Mikey, I think I fixed my problem. I found the solution in the Control panel by clicking on the "Disable" button for the touchpad as well as unchecking "hide pointer while typing" for the mouse. You pointed me in the right direction to enabled me to find the solution. Thanks, again.

    I'd be more than happy to post the instructions for each if you like.
    I'm glad you were able to fix it! Yes, posting instructions on your fix may help someone else in the future with the same issue.
    I was abled to disable the touchpad......"abled to disable" However, when you shut down the labtop, it automatically reverses back to "enable"???? I did make changes again this morning that involves another setting. If this new setting keeps it disabled after shutting down, I will include the additional info but if it doesn't I'll post the current instructions even though it doesn't maintain the disable feature.
    Mikey, well nothing worked....not only is it disabled after shutdown, it also disables when it goes to sleep. You would think that when you disable a feature it would stay disabled! If it's not going to stay disabled, you would think Microsoft would advise you of it.....but no, let's make difficult for the user. I see another post below yours re another possible fix, so I'm going to have it a try. Thanks for your help.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jimbo45 View Post
    Hi there
    some of the generic synaptic drivers have an option to disable the touchpad - another option is to have the synaptics app on the system bar (normally on the right bottom of the screen). Then at boot simply disable it.

    In all the years of using laptops I've NEVER found the touch pad to be anything other than a major irritant. Why they even HAVE them is beyond me. - The only one I found even a teeny weeny bit useful was the old IBM thinkpads (pre Lenovo takeover) where they had a little red matchstick size thing on the keyboard.

    BTW if you use any Linux distros you can also disable the touch pad too with command sudo synclient TouchpadOff=1

    Hi Jimbo, thanks for your suggestions. I did check the drivers and it said all is well, all up-to-date. I have no idea how to proceed putting an app on the system bar and don't even know what a system bar is. I have no icon on the taskbar for such a thing either.
    And, one more thing, I have no idea what a Linux distro is either. I know nothing about technical/technology programs of computers. If any of your suggestions is somewhat technically confusing and would take a lot of your time to explain, please don't bother. I'll try the route of placing an index card over the touchpad and hope that helps even though I don't touch the bar while typing. Oh, and I read an article saying that this problem has been around for quite a few I guess Microsoft engineers can't fix the jumping cursor either!! Thanks for your help. BTW, there is no way in heaven that I would use the touchpad over the mouse!!!!!! Microsoft can keep their touchpad!
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    With being frustrated about this whole situation, I mistakenly put the blame on Microsoft.....I apologize to the members here who work for Microsoft. The blame goes directly to HP!
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How Do I Fix a Jumping Cursor
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