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Service Host: Local Service very high cpu usage

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    Service Host: Local Service very high cpu usage

    So I've been having this problem for days now, two tasks named Service Host: Local Service(Network Restricted) and Service Host: Local Service(No Network) keep using up ALL of my cpu, theyre usually accompanied by any app I have open, so my task manager is basically like this for example:

    Service Host: Local Service(Network Restricted) 40% cpu usage
    Skype 29% cpu usage
    Service Host: Local Service(No Network) 26% cpu usage

    If I close skype, the usage goes down to 2 percent for a brief second and then any other app I have open launches up instead of skype and uses up all of my cpu.

    I've tried several virus scans and I've done my best to clean up the system but I still have this problem, any solutions?

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    You could start pinning down the problem by using Task Manger and look in the processes tab and scroll down to the Svchost using the CPU time. If you expand it, you can see what is running in that host. But I do not believe it will give you individual usage on each service.

    If you open Resource Monitor (resmon in a run box) You can go to the CPU tab, check the CPU usage and find the svchost you want and put a check mark. It will then list the services running in that process in the Services window and how much the Average CPU time is being used. Get us a picture, or let us know what is causing the high usage.

    Keep track of the PID (Process ID) number so you can confirm which svchost you are checking. Those numbers may be specific to just your system. There may be other pertinent info about the situation in some other windows also.
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Service Host: Local Service very high cpu usage
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