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Outlook 2013 excessive CPU usage

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    Outlook 2013 excessive CPU usage

    I don't know if this an 8.1 or an Office problem, as my previous version of Outlook ran under 7. However, that version didn't need to hog 12-13% CPU all the time, whereas this one does. Anyone finding the same thing happening to them?

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    Im getting same kind of huge CPU usage as well - my solution was to get rid of it and just use the standard Metro Mail App. I figure that does the job nice enough.

    It happened every time I opened any Office 2013 application so basically I had to remove the whole Suite off my laptop. Not sure why this happened, but i was worried that it was overheating my laptop because I basically needed Outlook open for most of the day. But I just took it off and laptop is not overheating.
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    I haven't had the problem with Word or Excel. I need the Office suite, so I'm unable to remove it. Also, I don't use Metro apps -- I'm strictly a desktop user -- but it's interesting you have the same problem, and I agree about the overheating concern.
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Outlook 2013 excessive CPU usage
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