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Chromebook better than a PC?

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    Chromebook better than a PC?

    Hi there.

    I'm doing this thread to once & for all find the ultimate answers to my PC issues. Before i bought my Lenovo Yoga 8 laptop i was thinking of buying a Google Chromebook. Specs might not be as high-end as a Windows PC but it loads a lot faster (having no such apps or enough background process to load in the background), apps load a lot faster, updates come automatically (and no need to download/intall like a PC), straighforward OS and no complicated hundreds of settings to tinker with unlike a PC. And besides a Chromebook is virus and malware-free forever.

    I also happen to come from a Macbook Air and i found my PC is that slow. Downloading & installing apps takes a lot longer, opening or closing an app or browser or tasks also takes longer. But in the course i have made some research to improve the speed & performance of my Windows 8.1 laptop mainly:

    1. Turned off bluetooth
    2. Set Windows Update to automatic
    3. Updated Windows Defender
    4. Defrafgging my hard drive monthly

    5. Choose Selective Startup (under msconfig) and made sure no apps are enabled under Startup, selected apps are running under Services, choose a higher number under Processors and maximum memory set to at least half of what my Lenovo is capable of (under Boot)
    6. Set performance to High Performance.

    So, What else have i missed?

    Also i noticed when i look at Task Manager there are background processes that i do not understand and i'm not sure whether to disable them or not although it shows 0% affecting the RAM, etc.

    If i'm not happy with this "complicated" WIndows 8.1 OS i might as well sell it and get a Chromebook as i use most of Google services anyway on my Android phone.

    Please advice. Thanks.

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    Pick your platform by what you need to run. Typical applications in order of computer power include:
    1. Web browsing (tablet)
    2. Document editing. (Keyboard)
    3. Spreadsheets, databases.
    4. Multi-tasking (8GB RAM)
    5. Watching movies.
    6. Low performance games.(Graphics Card)
    7. Infrequent video editing. (i5)
    8. High performance games. (Graphics Card, i7, desktop)
    9. Frequent video editing or rendering. (Multiple graphics cards, and processors, 32GB)
    10. Rendering the Hobbit. (Server Farm.)
    11. Simulating climate change. (Petabytes)
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    Very interesting.

    But that got me confused even more. Lol. You see the most "intensve" task i will be doing in my computer will be downloading torrents 10 at a time (it could be an .mp3 album or a standard .mp4 HD movie), printing hundreds of pages from an assignmnt or work project, transferring hi-quality files (Flac or .mkv) to my Android tablet or doing an "intermediate-level" photo editing of my photos for upload to Twitter, Facebook, etc. My computer stays at home 99.99% of the time and IS online 100% of te time.

    The main advantages i can see with my current Lenovo laptop is the processor, the hard disk space, almost nil compatibility issues with USB drives, an above average battery life and the touchscreen.

    But if a Chromebook can do what i what it to do similar with a Windows 8.1 PC with no sweat and extra RAM/processor effort then ill just switch.

    What you guys think?
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    Chromebooks are different devices, it's hard to truly compare the two. I have a chromebook that I've used quite a bit. For what it is, it's been good. Great for kids to surf web with. If lost, don't have many private data concerns. Can reset in a matter of about 60 seconds. But not a gaming machine, doesn't run Windows software, maybe not perfect for everyone.
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    Windows 8.1

    But how about the question of downloading torrent files?
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    Install Chrome on your PC and run it in Metro mode

    This is almost the same as how a ChromeBook works, if you can work using this without needing any other part of windows then a ChromeBook could be for you
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    I'm getting a Chromebook because as I said I find my above mid-range Lenovo laptop to still be slow. And also for financial reasons.

    Now, I think one crucial issue here is downloading torrents. I don't know if 2GB RAM is enough for me but will a lightweight OS, really fast 70MB broadband and lightweight torrent client offset that worry of mine?

    Is 2GB enough for 3 movies and 3 music albums downloading at the same time?
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    Quote Originally Posted by gino76ph View Post

    Is 2GB enough for 3 movies and 3 music albums downloading at the same time?
    128MB of RAM would be enough for that. Torrent clients are not resource intensive at all.
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    Really? On a different forum website when I described..." downloading 3 movies & 3 music albums, watching Youtube videos, wireless printing 100 pages of Word or PDF files, reading the news all at the same time" you mean 2GB is just enough for those tasks?

    Would that be the same with all computers...Chromebook, Windows PC or Mac? Would they not make the RAM or processor work harder than normal?
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    On a windows computer, I would not go less than 2GB just in general. 4GB is usually the standard minimum these days.

    You asked above if 2GB would be enough to torrent 3 movies and 3 music albums, which is not a hard task as all. All of the tasks you mention are very basic in general.

    The architecture and the load on all those types of computers is different.

    • On a chromebook, you don't need as much RAM because the OS is very lightweight and doesn't do much local processing at all. Everything is cloud based.
    • On a Mac, it's like a PC and you have software loaded locally. I purchased a Mac earlier this year and went with 8GB, not really because I needed it, but because you cannot upgrade a MacBook you have to get it with what you want on it. 8GB is more than enough, and should hold me for a few years.
    • On a Windows computer, 4GB is fine for basic computing. Even for gaming 4GB is fine, but most will step to 8GB because it's pretty cheap. More than 8GB is pretty much unnecessary unless you are going to be running virtual machines, and need them running concurrently.
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Chromebook better than a PC?
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