A day ago, my Windows 8 Toshiba computer started making a really loud whirring sound, so I manually rebooted my computer pressing the button, and turned it on, but it still made the sound...after many tries, I finally got it to turn on without any sound, but a few hours later, it started making the whirring noise again, so I rebooted it...this continued for the whole day...overall, I probably manually rebooted the thing over 20 times or so.
Last night, however, I manually shut my computer down once again, but when I turned it back on, it was going to automatically repair my computer, but it started making a loud whirring sound again, so despite it being in the middle of the repair, I manually shut it down.
Afterwards, I turned it back on and on the TOSHIBA start loading screen, at the bottom it said loading Automatic Repair...but then before it can start the Automatic Repair, it goes to the blue error page, but after a second, while the error info blue screen is at 0%, my computer automatically shuts down and restarted itself to the TOSHIBA start loading screen with the Automatic Repair "loading" at the bottom, and then back to the blue error information sending screen before shutting down less than a second later, before the computer can send any error info (while it's at 0%)...this is an endless cycle....
I don't know what to do? Please help!