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Random Freezing after startup but resumes after 30 seconds

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    good idea let me give it a whirl

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    The problem still persists. I unplugged the HDD and booted up. Clicking on Desktop programs and opening then no problem at all, opens instantly. As soon as i click on a folder(all folders on desktop are shortcuts) on my desktop it freezes the desktop and i cant click on anything. But if i do click on the folder, i can open any file that is in the folder no problem. should i reformat one more time? the folder i did decide to open up was a folder that is located on the SSD not the HDD. but regardless of where the folder is located, it will do the freezing thing.
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    Just thought of another thing, set folder view to "List" instead of icons, there may be a problem with Icon Cache and has to build it every time you open it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CountMike View Post
    Just thought of another thing, set folder view to "List" instead of icons, there may be a problem with Icon Cache and has to build it every time you open it.
    Good idea Count Mike. Along those lines, you might also want to try and rebuild your icon cache as well:

    Icon Cache - Rebuild - Windows 7 Help Forums

    You also might want to try and turn off indexing to see if that offers any improvement (grabbing at straws).
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    Reporting back. Well guys, after all this problem solving, i just crossed my fingers, did a cmos reset, clean windows 8.1 install and slowly installed things and updated windows one step at a time to see if the problem would occur. Now im sitting pretty and comp is running flawlessly smooth. Is there any tweaks to utilize for windows 8? Im using Startisback which is great. is there anyway to increase the input speed of the keyboard for typing the password when logging into windows? im not sure if its not registering because it boots up to fast or my typing is off. Alot of times i have to type my pw twice because the first time it only reads the last couple letters that i type.
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    Glad you got the issue sorted sk808, I had a similar issue on Win 8.1 Pro x64 with all updates including update 1 & Bitdefender AV+ 2014. After installing BD & getting latest program updates then rebooting I was getting a long black screen delay just after the windows boot screen from anywhere between 42 seconds to 2 minutes & 20 seconds, then the login screen finally appeared but after entering password the desktop stalled just like it did with yourself, tray icons loaded slowly etc.

    Checking event viewer shows the The Bitdefender Virus Shield service did not respond on starting. This was with BD being the only app really installed other than Spyware Blaster & the MVPS hosts file. Tried numerous uninstalls & installs but always the same. Ended up using 360 Internet Security while waiting on BD forum staff to reply to me, no slowdowns at all with 360 on the system.
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    Hey sk808, I actually have the exact same problem as you. I just wanted to know, how did you go about doing a cmos reset? If it helps I'm using a "asus maximus hero vi" motherboard.
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Random Freezing after startup but resumes after 30 seconds
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